mr croco doco dile -Charles Causley

specially dedicated to all my beloved frenz at Sultanah Asma Girls School Hostelite 2005!!

stand at the back from left: ayuni, akma, farihah, me(indah129), intan, anis, liyana, zati, awatif, farah, nadiah, siti salwa, zalika.

sit in the middle from left: syafini, caumar, aiman, aida, Ustazah Faridah(allahyarhamah), azizah, husna, suraya, Q.aini.

in the front from left: amalina, nadiah, fatin husna, normy, salwa, amira, mimi, zurina.

ENJOY this creative n interesting poem!!

Good Morning, Mr Croco-doco-dile,
And how are you today?
I like to see your croco-smoco-smile,
In your croco-woco-way.

From the tip of your beautiful croco-toco-tail,
To your croco-hoco-head,
You seem to me so croco-stoco-still,
As if you are coco-doco-dead.

Perhaps if I touch your croco-cloco-claw,
Or your croco-snoco-snout,
Or get up to your croco-joco-jaw,
I shall very soon find out.

But suddenly I croco-soco-see,
In your croco-oco-eye,
A curious kind of croco-gloco-gleam,
So, I just don’t think I’ll try.

Forgive me, Mr Croco-doco-dile,
But it’s time I was away,
Let’s talk a little croco-woco-while,
Another croco-doco-day.

Charles Causley


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